August 12, 2022


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2022 Version 55 recommended PC games. Introducing popular games and Steam titles that you can play for free

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Introducing popular games and Steam titles that you can play for free

Introducing popular games and Steam titles that you can play for free

“PC games” sold not only on the official website of the manufacturer but also on platforms such as Steam and Origin. The number of users is increasing year by year due to the announcement of new titles and the tendency to remake popular titles of home video game consoles as PC versions.

So this time, we will introduce the recommended PC games. The blockbusters and hidden masterpieces that have won many fans are summarized by genre, so please use them as a reference when choosing a game.

Ib – kouri

A masterpiece that never fades

Exploratory adventure horror game “Ib” released in 2012. It is a free game that has become a popular title known for its secondary creations such as live games and illustrations.

The story begins with the girl Eve visiting the Gertena exhibition with her parents. The paintings and objects on display all have a unique and eerie atmosphere, but other visitors seem to be fascinated. After walking alone in the large hall for a while, I notice that I can’t find the people around me. Eve enters a different world while being guided by “something” while being attacked by a mysterious mysterious phenomenon. She tries to escape from another world with Gary, a blonde girl, and Mary, who has a onee tone that she meets while exploring.

In this work, many eerie enemies appear, such as a statue that moves by itself, a woman who crawls and chases after only the upper body from the painting. You need to be calm because you have to solve the mystery to move on. However, the difficulty level is low and there are no action elements, so it is designed to be easy to play even for those who are uneasy about game operation.

Not only the story and world view created, but also the precious relationship between the characters is attractive. Although there are multiple endings, it does not take long to clear. Recommended for those who are looking for a game that they can easily play.

World of Warships –

Enjoy the powerful naval battle online

An online naval battle game “World of Warships” that allows you to control warships around the world. Many well-known warships such as “Enterprise” and “Yamato” are implemented. Since the characteristics of warships differ from country to country, such as the United States, Japan, and the Soviet Union, choose a nation that suits your tactics.

There are many modes such as random battle, clan battle, rank battle, scenario battle, and co-op battle. Since the enemy that appears in the Co-op battle is the CPU, even beginners and those who want to feel the operation can play with confidence. Once you get used to it, try a random battle, which is a maximum of 12 to 12 interpersonal battles.

Basically, the goal is to operate a warship at sea and sink an enemy fleet, but in some cases you can also attack with a fighter. It’s refreshing to see it sinking with shells and missiles.

Experience points and credits gained after the battle can be used to customize the warship. Since you can extend the power and range, you can proceed with the game more advantageously. Recommended for those who want to enjoy a realistic naval battle.

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