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29 Recommended Gaming Monitor Models 144Hz Suitable for PS5

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Gaming Monitor Models 144Hz Suitable for PS5

Gaming Monitor Models 144Hz Suitable for PS5

29 Recommended Gaming Monitor Models 144Hz Suitable for PS5 A “gaming monitor” that is indispensable for playing games comfortably. It can be used not only for PC games but also for playing home video game consoles.

So this time, I would like to introduce a recommended gaming monitor. We will also explain how to choose one, so please try to find the one that suits you best.
What is a gaming monitor?
Gaming monitors, as the name implies, are monitors that specialize in playing games. Many models have better refresh rates and response speeds than general monitors, and you can play games with smooth images.

In addition, some models are equipped with unique functions to enjoy the game comfortably, such as adjusting the image quality for the game and displaying the aim.

Differences between gaming monitors and PC monitors
Gaming monitors and general PC monitors differ in their ability to smoothly display quick movements. Normal PC monitors are mainly used for browsing websites, writing sentences, editing images, etc., and are not good at displaying images of quick movements like games smoothly.

In addition, some TVs also have features for games. However, in most cases, gaming monitors can display smoother images.
How to choose a gaming monitor
Refresh rate to enjoy smooth images
The refresh rate is a number that indicates how many times the screen is refreshed per second. “Hz” is mainly used as the unit, and it is expressed as 60Hz when it is updated 60 times per second, and 120Hz when it is updated 120 times.

The larger the refresh rate value, the more screens are switched per second, so smooth images can be displayed. If you want to focus on the smoothness of the image, check the refresh rate value carefully.

Choose 144Hz or higher for FPS / TPS
If you want to play fast-moving games such as FPS and TPS, we recommend a gaming monitor that supports a refresh rate of 144Hz. The smooth image makes it difficult to feel rugs and stuttering, and you can play comfortably.

The PS5 supports refresh rates up to 120Hz, so if you choose a 144Hz monitor, you can play smoothly on your computer or PS5.
60Hz is enough for game consoles such as Switch and PS4
When outputting video from a game console such as Switch or PS4, a gaming monitor that supports a refresh rate of 60Hz is sufficient. Both Switch and PS4 have a fixed output of up to 60Hz.

Even if you connect to a monitor with 60Hz or higher, you need to be careful because the specifications of the monitor cannot be fully utilized unless the game console supports output of 60Hz or higher.
For those who aim for even higher heights, 240Hz things
Some gaming monitors support a refresh rate of 240Hz, which is four times the typical 60Hz. You can play the game with smoother and more beautiful images.

However, in order to achieve a refresh rate of 240Hz, a machine with appropriate high specifications is required. It is required to create a game environment that can utilize the specifications of the monitor.
Response speed that influences the judgment of the moment
The response speed is the time required for the screen color to switch. The faster the response speed, the less afterimage and the smoother the display, and many gaming monitors support 5ms and 1ms response speeds.

Also, there are models that support 0.6ms and 0.4ms, which are faster than 1ms, so please pay close attention to those who are particular about response speed.
Choose by size and shape
Recommended size is 24-27 inches
Gaming monitors have a lineup of models with a wide range of screen sizes from about 21 to 48 inches. When installing on a general computer desk, the 24-27 inch model is well-balanced and recommended.

For those who want to use it anywhere, there is also a thin, compact and easy-to-carry mobile type, so please check it out.
If you want to experience an overwhelming immersive feeling, use the “curved monitor”
There is also a type of gaming monitor called a “curved monitor”. The curved monitor is characterized by the fact that both ends draw a gentle curved surface toward the user side.

The curved monitor not only gives you the feeling of being surrounded on the left and right, but also gives you a high degree of immersion because the difference between the distance from your eyes to the center of the screen and the distance to the edge of the screen is small.
Check “resolution” for beautiful images
“Full HD (1920 x 1080)” is common
Among the resolutions of gaming monitors, the most common is 1920 x 1080 full HD. Although it is common, the image quality is high enough to enjoy beautiful images. There are many types of full HD monitors, and it is attractive that they have a wide range of models from low-priced models to curved types.

In addition, since home video game consoles such as Switch and PS4 only support output up to full HD, full HD may be sufficient.
If you want to enjoy high-definition image quality, “4K (3840 x 2160)”
If you want to enjoy high-definition images, we recommend a 4K image quality gaming monitor. Playing the game with beautiful images will give you a more immersive and more realistic experience. On the other hand, depending on the specifications of the PC, it may not support 4K.

Also, depending on the resolution, the refresh rate may be limited, so WQHD (2560×1440) is also recommended when considering the smoothness of the image.
If you are more particular about visual beauty, pay attention to “HDR” and “brightness”
If you want to focus on the beauty of the image, pay attention to the high brightness and HDR. High-brightness models can display dark images brightly, enabling clear and realistic expressions.

If HDR is supported, even images with a large difference in brightness can be displayed with less blackout or overexposure. There is also a model that can complement the SDR image to the equivalent of HDR, so if you want to be particular about the beauty of the image, please check it out.

Check panel types (IPS) (VA) (TN)

There are three main types of panels used in gaming monitors: IPS, VA, and TN. The IPS panel has a wide viewing angle, and the VA panel is easy to increase contrast. The TN panel is easy to increase the response speed and is used in high refresh rate models.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so the trick is to choose one based on the performance you value. If in doubt, we recommend the all-purpose IPS panel adoption model.

Check the number of terminals that can be connected

The number of terminals installed is also an important point when choosing a gaming monitor. If you have multiple terminals, you can connect multiple game consoles to switch between them, connect a TV tuner, and so on.

Since there are various types of video terminals such as HDMI, Display Port, and DVI, it is also important to have an easy-to-use terminal.

Choose a speaker built-in type

For those who want to save the trouble of preparing a separate speaker, we recommend a gaming monitor with a built-in speaker. There are many models equipped with a unique audio system that allow you to enjoy powerful sound while monitoring.

Also, for those who want to enjoy not only games but also video content, we also recommend the type that can switch the sound mode according to the genre.

Choose by whether there is a mode specialized for FPS / TPS

Some gaming monitors have FPS and TPS-specific modes. Since the contrast and color of the screen can be set to suit the game, the visibility of enemies and items is improved and you can play comfortably.

Also, depending on the model, there is also a type that can display the aim in the center of the screen, so if you want to play FPS or TPS, please check it.

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