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30 recommended 2-player game software for PS4. Let’s play with friends and couples (Version 2022)

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2-player game software for PS4. Let's play with friends and couples (Version 2022)

2-player game software for PS4. Let's play with friends and couples (Version 2022)

The game is interesting enough for solo play, but if you play it with two players, you will be more impressed and excited. With PS4, you can play offline as well as play with distant players online. It is perfect for those who want to play with it.

How to choose game software for PS4 that supports 2 players


So this time, we picked up the recommended PS4 software for 2 players. If you want to enjoy the game with your friends, lovers and family, please check it out.
An “action game” where you can directly operate the characters in the game by pressing a button. Famous games of the same genre include the “Mario” series and the “Sonic” series. There are many game software designed so that even unplayed people can play with them, so it is recommended when you want to play with people who do not usually play games.

It’s also one of the most popular game genres on PS4. The point is that the lineup is extensive, such as cooperative software that allows two people to play with each other, as well as competitive software that allows rivals to compete with each other.

A “puzzle game” where you can enjoy brain battles. Famous games in the same genre include the “Tetris” series and the “Puyo Puyo” series. Elements such as memory, creativity, and imagination are important. Since complicated command operations are not required, it is attractive that even beginners can play immediately.

However, puzzle games are basically designed so that you can hardly win with luck, so those who are good at it may continue to win, and those who are not good at it may continue to lose. Playing offline can be awkward, so be careful when there is a big difference in ability.

One of the shooting games. The type that fights from the first-person perspective with a weapon such as a gun is called FPS, and the type that fights from the third-person perspective is called TPS. Recently, there are many masterpieces such as “Call of Duty” series and “Resident Evil” series, which are one of the popular game genres.

Delicate operation is required, so it is a little unsuitable for beginners. It will be exciting if you play with people who are familiar with the game. Many software support online play, so it is also recommended for those who want to play with friends who are far away.

Cooperative type that strengthens friendship and ties
It is a type in which players become friends and challenge common stages and missions. The feature is that a sense of unity is created by playing the game while cooperating. Defeating mighty enemies together will strengthen your friendships and bonds. The point of cooperative game software is that advanced players and beginners can play together. It is also recommended as a game for couples, as it is unlikely to develop with each conflict.

Competitive type where you can enjoy hot battles
This is a type of game software in which players compete against each other for victory or defeat. You can enjoy a heated battle that you can not experience in computer battles. It is not recommended because it is often a one-sided game when advanced players and beginners play together. Also, be careful as it may get too hot and develop into a real fight. Recommended when playing with friends and lovers who are good at games.

Check for online play

Offline-only software that you can play in the same room
It is a game software that can be played offline by two people without going through the Internet. By playing around in the same space, the fun of the game will increase many times. It is possible to divide into a “single screen type” in which two characters are displayed on one screen, and a “screen split type” in which the screen is divided vertically or horizontally. In the case of the split screen type, be aware that if the TV is small, it may be difficult to read characters.

Online compatible software that allows you to play with friends far away
It is a game software that can be played online by two players via the Internet. Since PS4 supports voice chat and text chat, you can play stress-free with friends and lovers far away. In online play, the “single screen type” is common, in which the entire TV screen can be used by one person. Recommended for those who want to enjoy two-player play with powerful images.

Devil’s Blade Hinokami Blood Wind Tan – Aniplex
“Kimetsu no Yaiba”, which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump and caused a social phenomenon. It is a very popular manga that depicts the battle with demons, with the gentle boy Tanjiro Kamado as the main character. This work is an action game based on the anime version, where you can relive the story.

In Versus mode, you can play two players offline or online. Even those who are not accustomed to fighting games can easily enjoy it, such as launching a flowing combo attack just by hitting a button repeatedly, or easily performing a special move just by pressing a specific button at the same time.

Also included is a story mode for solo play. From the beginning of the story, “Kojiro Ritsushi Hen,” to the movie version, “Infinite Train Hen,” it is carefully drawn. This game software is recommended not only for fans but also for those who do not know “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

Far Cry 6 CERO Z – Ubisoft
This is the latest work in the open world FPS “Far Cry” series. This work is set in a paradise located in the center of the Caribbean Sea. To free his homeland from the dictator Anton Castillo, the player becomes a guerrilla soldier and throws himself into battle.

Continuing from the previous work, the point is that it is fully compatible with CO-OP. You can play a vast open world in co-op play. Invite your friends to play, or search for partners online.

Not only the main mission but also many submissions are recorded. Each story has a lot of volume, and there are plenty of elements to get involved. This game software is recommended for those who want to explore the open world with two people.

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