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PS4 online multiplayer game software. Competitive and cooperative play is hot!

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PS4 online multiplayer game software. Competitive and cooperative play is hot!

PS4 online multiplayer game software. Competitive and cooperative play is hot!

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Capcom

Sony’s home video game “PS4” can be enjoyed online multiplayer by subscribing to the paid service PS Plus. It is possible to play heated cooperative and competitive play with players from all over the world.

Therefore, this time we would like to introduce the recommended game software for PS4 that supports online multiplayer. Check it out if you want to play with friends who live far away, or if you want to compete with rivals from all over the world.
PS4 game software “Monster Hunter: World”, which has shipped over 12 million units worldwide. The player becomes a hunter and hunts various large monsters. It is a popular hack and slash action game where you strengthen your weapons and armor based on the materials obtained from hunting and start hunting again.

Like the previous series, it supports online multiplayer. In this work, a new “distress signal” has been implemented, allowing other players to participate even during hunting. If you think the monster is too strong to beat, you can always call for help.

It is a super-large expansion content with new quests, monsters, new actions, etc. added. The master edition is a great-value version that includes the main story of Monster Hunter World and Iceborn. This PS4 game is recommended for those who want to start from now on.

Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR’S CUT (CERO Z) Sony Interactive Entertainment

A masterpiece game that is interesting for both multi and single
An open-world action-adventure game “Ghost of Tsushima” released in 2020. The story of the samurai, Hitoshi Sakai, who barely survived, is depicted under the theme of “Mongol invasion” when the Mongol Empire landed on Tsushima as a foothold for the invasion of Japan in the latter half of the 13th century.

The main story is for single player, but with the update, an online multiplayer mode “Legends / Meijin Kitan” has been newly added. You can enjoy various cooperative play such as the story mission “Kitan”, the 4-player survival mission “Kyushu”, and the high difficulty mission “Daiko”.

“Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR’S CUT” is a complete version with a new area “Iki”, a new story, and many items added to the main game. Not only online multiplayer but also single player is an interesting game, so please try it.

Call of Duty War Zone – Sony Interactive Entertainment

Free-to-play CoD series battle royale
Call of Duty War Zone” is a PS4 battle royale game that you can play for free. It was necessary to purchase software to play the battle royal mode of the previous work “Call of Duty Black Ops 4”, but this work is basically free. You can play it just by downloading it from the PS store.

The rules are simple. Up to 150 people land on the battlefield, and the player who survives to the end wins. Initially, there was only a 3-person team, but with repeated updates, it has become possible to play solo and with a 4-person team, and the way of playing is expanding.

It is also a point to introduce various new systems, such as being able to purchase items with the currency Cash that can be obtained on the battlefield, and having a system for repechage even if it is defeated. You can download it for free, so even if you have never played Batrois, please feel free to play it.

Borderlands 3 [CERO Z] – Take-Two Interactive Japan

Shoot, pick up and become stronger. A popular hackslug game that you can play endlessly
The third work in the “Borderlands” series, which tells the story of being involved in a conflict with an evil organization and saving the planet for some reason. It is a shooting action game that incorporates RPG character growth elements into FPS where you can enjoy fierce shooting battles.

The types of loot to drop are in the hundreds of millions. From the normal class to the legendary class, the rarity is set for each item, and you can enjoy the thrill of spinning a gacha every time you get a loot. If you like hacks rugs, it’s an addictive game that you will endlessly play.

Equipped with the familiar online multiplayer in the series. You can enjoy co-op play with up to 4 players. From this work, the “level synchronization function” has been introduced, and it is now possible to play with players who have different levels and players whose story progress does not match. This PS4 game software is recommended for those who want to play without thinking about difficult things.

Division 2 – Ubisoft

Shooting RPG that you can enjoy from cooperation to battle
PS4 game “Division 2” with RPG elements added to the shooting game from the third person perspective. Set in Washington DC, where a pandemic has occurred due to virus terrorism, it is a PS4 game software that confronts the crisis of national collapse as an agent of the special forces division.

The main story of this work is not only to play solo, but also to form a team of up to 4 people and play cooperatively. Not only can you invite your friends to play with you, but you can also use the matchmaking feature to team up with unknown players.

Also equipped with , which was popular in the previous work. While you can get valuable items, it is a dangerous PvP area that can be attacked by other players. Also, it is a point that new contents are added one after another by repeated updates. Recommended PS4 game software with a full range of online multiplayer modes.

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