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5 points for a successful online tour

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5 points for a successful online tour

5 points for a successful online tour

The state of emergency has finally
However, I think that online communication, which has begun to explode in the latest Corona, will never end.

After all, the cost of moving is zero! It’s like a door everywhere. Although there is a time difference, I am excited to have an image that connects the world.

Even if the trip comes back, it may be from Japan first, and for interpreter guides and interpreter guides, it may be from online work first. For other side businesses , I’m writing on this blog .
Online presentation ability will be very important for future guides.

I participated in various tours and trainings, tried it myself, and summarized the points.

1. Master the video tool

Online tours, of course, require video tools.
There are so many tools out there, such as Zoom, Google meet, Teams, Webex, Bluejeans, etc.

In my experience, the Zoom rate is very high, so I think it’s best to learn Zoom. (Every system is similar, so if you master one, the others are okay)

At a minimum, keep this feature in mind. (It’s better to know both host and user features)

When you want to turn on / off audio / video (including muting guests)
, when you want to watch quietly, or when you have a large number of people, you want to mute all at once, or make a sound on the contrary. Use.

How to change the name
Some people say it’s an iPhone, and you don’t know what to call it, so let’s know the function to change the name.

Sharing Your Screen
There are so many opportunities to share your screen in a virtual tour. Also be aware of which screen you are seeing.

It’s a good idea to use chat for questions from chat
guests and what you want to convey to everyone from here.

Changing the virtual background
If you have a messy home behind you, the guest’s tension will drop. The background that gives the following immersive feeling is also good.

2. Produce an immersive feeling

This is important, isn’t it? Because you are online, you need to create a presentation that makes you feel as if you were there.

By the way, if you look at the immersive feeling, it will be as follows.

It’s good to make the other person enthusiastic.

For example, this technique is used.

Show a short video
It’s very nice to show a moving landscape or a video of the surrounding area so that you feel as if you are moving.

Do the same thing you actually do
For example, you don’t need it online at all, but on an online bus tour, you might want to fasten your seat belt, check in at a hotel, make an online toast, or shake hands.

There are also cases where the host who uses the sound
plays BGM and makes them feel as if they were there. In the past, Latin salsa was ringing, and I felt an exotic feeling.

It may be a small thing that changes the background image, but the sensation that comes in from the eyes is very important. One method is to pay attention to the background.

We are also researching, so I will share it again.

3. Be strongly aware of interactivity

Although it is an online tour, I think that there are more things to do for a fee than for free.
However, the world is full of free and excellent online content.

Yes, you need to be aware of the differentiation from Youtube and TV.

To that end, you need to be sure to connect yourself with your guests and keep them feeling interactive.
Fortunately, the name is also on the screen. Let’s call on our guests, get them to respond, and stay connected.

Another nice thing about online tours is that you can ask questions in real time and change what you want to hear.

Let’s proceed with the tour while checking the reaction of the guests from time to time.

4. Create materials

I’m doing an online tour, and I think the most different point from reality is here.

In a real-life tour, we move around and have something to talk about in front of us, and there are people.

But online, it’s not.
Only you are the content.

Even though I haven’t been there, I need a little ingenuity to get people to feel like I’ve been there and understand it.

However, please be aware that we have seen that the materials are all there, and the explanations are only one-sided, and that the slides with only letters make the guests disgusted.

Also, please pay close attention to the rights of photos and videos.

I think it’s good to explain while looking at the images on the Internet (for example, Google street view), but it is NG to put the images in PowerPoint, process them, and distribute them.

5. Polish the technique to convey

This may be the same offline.

However, when you actually talk to people or things, people can understand and be impressed even if you don’t really understand what you are saying.
There is no such thing online.

Language proficiency
Foreign language proficiency is essential if the guest is a foreigner.
It’s hard to laugh and cheat, so train your language skills to convey to the other person.

The strength of the radio wave is
also high. The radio waves are so bad that they can’t be transmitted. To be clear, this is the worst from the viewer’s point of view. Of course, there are things that happen for a moment or once, but it’s out of the question that it’s always bad. Do not neglect the preliminary check.

Sometimes I don’t know what I’m saying because the logical
story isn’t assembled.
This area is the same even if it is real.


So far, this time I have written about 5 points for success in online tours.

However, when you actually participate, it is easy to get an image and it will be a reference when you have to do it yourself.
Whether it’s our tour or your Airbnb experience, take part in what you’re interested in. Find an Airbnb Experience or 25 Featured Airbnb Online Tours

We will update it from time to time, but please let us know if you have any good ideas.

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