August 12, 2022


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5 points to keep in mind when making your guide debut.

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5 points to keep in mind when making your guide debut.

5 points to keep in mind when making your guide debut.

Many people have passed the licensed guide and are about to make their debut as a guide.
Knowledge is second to none, but I don’t want to be impatient with anxiety about “what is needed?” And “how to overcome tension?” On the day of the tour.
Let’s hold down the points at the time of the guide debut, prepare your mind well, and guide the guests vigorously.

Advance preparation

Advance preparation, which is said to hold the key to 90% of the success of the tour.
Get ready for the day.

Point 1: Information gathering

Information that you should definitely keep in mind is the guest’s name, number of people, allergies and dietary restrictions .
I was told “I’m a vegetarian ..” on the day, and was there a restaurant nearby that supports vegetarian menus? I don’t want to be impatient. It is safe to ask the information you can hear in advance.
In addition, if you listen to the tastes and tastes of the guests, you can narrow down the places to guide and the recommended places to eat.

Knowing your guests is of utmost importance in guiding you.

Point 2: Preview

The more careful the preview, the more confident you will be.

There are many points to check, such as the flow line of the basic route, the required time, the existence of a wheelchair route, toilets and smoking areas, and surrounding information . Check out places where you can take off your shoes and go up or where there is a roof.
In fact, it is recommended because you can see the preview on a rainy day from a new perspective and there are many discoveries. It is also important to find the points you want to convey to

the guests while previewing . Guests do not want the information on the guide map. If you have your own recommended points, the satisfaction of the guests will increase.

On the day of the tour

Point 3: What to bring

Route map of the land to be guided

Public transportation map

Super shopping bag (garbage bag)

Wet tissue

Hand towel

Writing utensils

1000 yen bill, 5000 yen bill (for exchange)

Preparation according to the season (for exchange) Summer fan, salt candy, insect repellent spray, winter: Cairo, etc.)

Adhesive plaster

Visually easy-to-understand materials (if necessary)

You don’t want to carry large luggage on a city tour, but be prepared with a minimum of belongings so that whatever happens.

Point 4: Relieve tension

No matter how much you prepare, your first tour will be tense.
I think there are many people who take a deep breath and do image training that makes the tour a great success. Since there are acupoints on your hands that relieve tension, it is also effective to press the acupoints.
A lesser-known method is to “see yourself objectively . “
I recommend it because it makes me feel calm and calms down when I try to verbalize my situation, saying, “Oh, I’m nervous” and “I’m fine with this much tension compared to that time.

Point 5: Attentiveness and attentiveness

These are two very important things to interact with guests on the day. You can expand the conversation by
looking at what the guest is interested in and looking ahead .
If you have trash, you can easily give out the bag and hand over the wet tissue as soon as your hands get dirty, but many guides overlook it because of the tension.

Of course, it is also important to pay attention to the tourist spots and shops you visit .
I can work as a guide because there is a nice area there.
In addition to greetings, it is essential to be attentive, such as explaining and eating in a place that does not bother you.

If you keep the above 5 points in mind, you can rest assured that you will make your debut.
Above all, it is best for me to have fun guiding guests. I wish you a wonderful guide debut.

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I want to accumulate various knowledge before my guide debut! For those who want to, we are conducting training that is useful for interpreters and guides.

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