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Carbonic Crisis : You can’t imagine the resentment of not drinking Coke

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Carbonic Crisis : You can't imagine the resentment of not drinking Coke

Carbonic Crisis : You can't imagine the resentment of not drinking Coke

Carbonic Crisis is a horizontal-axis 3D screen, mechanical punk-style beat-up shooting platform jumping game developed by Team Soda and released by bilibili Games – although this sentence has a kind of color from the measurements and bottoms that have leaked (keywords Exactly), there is nothing more to expand, but in fact, it does a good job in these areas, and it deserves a few words of praise for it.

So how was the experience of Carbonic Crisis this time? It probably made me realize one thing – that is, my need for “action” is only Ye Gonghaolong, which is a movement with sprint, big and small jump, sprint jump, dash, mid-air dash, eight-way hook, secondary wall climbing, etc. elements, and a game that needs to combine these parkour skills in a hail of bullets… if applied properly, it is indeed a pleasure to experience a “fast and “Time Master”

Thought it was a Wall-E version of the alloy warhead, but it’s not that simple

Carbonic acid is our protagonist’s favorite drink, and the crisis is the crisis about the earth that it will solve in the next journey. A digression is: when you can’t get hedonic food & drink for a long time, it really affects people’s psychological and emotional state – I have experienced this profoundly after being quarantined in Shanghai for nearly two months.

However, the reason for his defection in “Carbonic Crisis” may be hidden. The scientists in the laboratory used carbonated beverages as bait to let him receive training as a weapon, but after a training, he chose to escape from the Shiyan area to seek to uncover hidden dangers. The secret behind.

Starting with the defection of a small robot (maybe a humanoid weapon wearing a super-powered combat suit, collectively referred to as a small robot in the future), the story of “Carbonic Crisis” kicked off. My first impression of the game was ” “Wall-E” version of the alloy warhead – big head, small short legs, shooting with various weapons, horizontal screen clearing, shuttle between enemy lines, and even a vehicle – a forklift endorsed by Mr. Dai Jiawei… The picture of the game The style is similar to “The Incredibles”, and the graphic style is presented in a “Shadow Torch City”-style exquisite horizontal axis 3D picture, and the overall quality is still very high.

In the initial level, 100 drops of blood and a small robot with excellent performance made me feel as if I was playing a “unparalleled” version of “Metal Slug”. The invincible frame can avoid danger, and the frequent “save points” let me not worry about the risk of resupply and GG.

But after the “preliminary test level”, it turned out that the next step was the “teaching level”, and our protagonist, like Prince Arthas in the undead battle in “Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne”, has experienced from “full The huge gap between “Class” and “Rookie” – that is, all our “equipment” has been removed.

Since “equipment” is mentioned, it is obvious that this game is not just a pure shooting game like “Metal Slug” or “Contra”, but has added some development elements in accordance with the changes of the times – the game It contains a mechanism of “electricity”: the weapons, weapon plug-ins, sub-weapons, and other equipment we use all need to occupy “electricity”: for example, the pistol occupies 1 electricity, the burst module occupies 3 electricity, and the scattering module occupies 3 electricity. Occupies 1 battery, then when I have 5 battery, using the pistol + these two modules will reach the upper limit of the battery, so I can no longer equip any other supplies.

However, the initial HP of the little robot is only 40, and most of the single-shot damage in the game is above 20, so although it will not be “dead in the light”, it will definitely not have too high a fault tolerance rate, then We need to increase the “upper blood volume” in the passive equipment (it will also permanently increase the health value at the end of each large level), and the initial shooting is four-way, if you want to be more flexible against the enemy, especially in the air The enemy needs us to equip the “eight-direction” shooting module. And if it is replaced with a more powerful weapon such as a machine gun or a shotgun, the weapon itself will occupy more power, so the power is actually the source of our combat power.

So how to increase the power? In the game process, we will encounter “batteries” that can permanently replenish the power. These batteries will be located in some relatively hidden corners, which are the main “collection elements” in this work, but these hidden places are also mostly traceable. Follow, for example, with purple light lines as guides.

In the process of the game, we can continuously obtain more weapons, weapon modules, secondary weapons and equipment, so as to continuously enhance our combat effectiveness. For example, the pistol can use the burst module to achieve a “low-equipped machine gun” effect. (However, the time required to charge the shot will be doubled), and the machine gun can be equipped with a scattering module (every three shots will fire a scattering bullet), so that you can use the platform difference to deal a lot of “white prostitution” damage.

In addition to the electricity obtained in the process, there is also a source of purchase from merchants. If you kill the enemy, you will get currency, and if you fail in the level, the previously obtained currency will not disappear. In this regard, it is still effective. Reduce frustration – such as the first merchant you meet in the process, if you reach him without dying, your money is not enough to buy a battery limit of 800 (meow meow?), of course, if it is An undead action game boss doesn’t need to care about these details…

Smooth action and difficult dancing

The big level of “Carbolic Crisis” consists of many separate rooms. The beginning of the room will help players fill up the state and there is a place to adjust equipment. The type of room includes destroying all enemies, running to the exit or Run to the exit under intense pressure (like a chasing laser beam).

The action elements in the game are very rich, and it pays great attention to the “acceleration” – for example, when the hook catches the white railing or climbs the “wall” in the air, there will be an instant acceleration and displacement, so if you are accurate When operating, there will be a very smooth action experience.

But the problem is that there is still a lot of difficulty in operation, and a large part of the reason is probably that: when the air contains multiple buttons (dash and hook) that contain direction determination, the player can only perform a jump, and The jumping distance is not too far, and the lingering time is not too long. This setting makes the players operating with the controller a little more trouble: if the eight-way shooting is turned on, then when the hook is used continuously in the air, it is easy to misjudge the “bullet” For example, when you need to jump straight up, it will become the upper left and hit the death gear trap on the left; and if you don’t turn on the eight-way shooting, you will encounter a lot of trouble in normal battles and will be very inflexible. .

In general, the game’s jumping music is considered “high performance and high difficulty”, and the combat style emphasizes “action”: the game has designed a large number of combined actions (such as shooting down in the air will have bonuses) and precise operations (such as precision. After dodging, it will increase the benefit of crit (changed). Compared with the dancing part, the battle is probably a lot easier. Basically, miscellaneous soldiers are given for nothing. Shooting enemies have a very obvious aiming process. , During the game, our auxiliary robot has a very powerful plug-in, that is, it will give a “counterattack” after dodging accurately, that is, you can even destroy the enemy without firing a shot even just by dodging accurately.

However, compared to the miscellaneous soldier battle, the boss battle still has a certain degree of difficulty. When I saw the first boss, my upper limit of HP was 60, but when it collided with me, I was directly 20×3 full of HP in seconds (suspected damage). Judgmental BUG? Generally injured, there will be short-term invincibility)… The weakness of the BOSS “invincible robot” is in the mask part of the face, we need to jump or eight-way attack to hit it more easily. Jumping and missiles both deal huge amounts of damage, but the movement is very open. After getting familiar with the mechanism and the way to deal with each move, there are not too many requirements for the operation. Proficiency (slightly lower than the boss battle difficulty of “Metrood Survival Fear”).

NETA fun and level & narrative rhythm

As a domestic game studio, “Carbonic Crisis” presents some NETA interests. For example, small robots easily remind people of the “small TV” of station B, and plug-ins such as “one-click three-connection” also make people laugh.

The main problem with the game is probably the pacing. On the one hand, the room distribution of the “level system” is too rigid, and lacks the beauty and rhythm of the world construction and environmental narrative of “cave some relative repetitions, some of which are deviated from the meaning of “5-minute design principle” (after a few minutes of high-intensity concentration battles, players should be given some relatively relaxing content as an adjustment, It can be a drama performance, running around to see the scenery, etc.).

In addition, the overall completion and maturity of the game are still very high. Except for the suspected BUG in the BOSS damage judgment mentioned above, there are few BUGs or freezes, and the optimized quality visual inspection is also very passable.

Good quality, but can pick players

Overall, Carbonic Crisis is a quality side-scrolling shooter & dance game. In terms of action, the general horizontal axis shooting game will rarely introduce “dodge” because it will weaken the concept of “platform”, but “Carbonic Crisis” also added the concepts of “claw” and “dodge”, which greatly The upper limit of the operation is enhanced, but most of the enemies in the battle cannot match the player’s combat power – so from the point of view of level design, the focus of difficulty may be more focused on the dance, while the dance The content included, whether it is “instant death” by stepping on the air or traps, will bring some frustration to some players who want to play “Metal Slug”, so if you are a platform jumping expert, then “Carbonic Crisis” is probably very worthwhile. Give it a try, otherwise, you may need to investigate and wait and see.

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