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DOTA2- Somali’s new team Just Error makes his debut, defeating YES 3-1 to advance to the EPIC League

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DOTA2- Somali's new team Just Error makes his debut, defeating YES 3-1 to advance to the EPIC League

DOTA2- Somali's new team Just Error makes his debut, defeating YES 3-1 to advance to the EPIC League

In the early morning of November 12th, Beijing time, Sumail and others, known as 4AM abroad in the EPIC League, formed their new team Just Error (referred to as 404) to make their debut against Yellow Submarine (referred to as YES). As in the previous rumors, Ramzes666 played a one, Sumail was a mid laner, Noone turned a three, and Zayac joined Solo to form a support lineup. Just Error’s performance in the game was not so perfect. Teamfights and some details still need to be worked out. Fortunately, their personal strength is still strong and they defeated their opponents 3-1 to advance to the EPIC League main match.

In the first game, 404 took out the popular puppy dual-core against YES Dianyan’s unique Xiaohei Shuangyuan lineup. In the laning phase, YES played well and suppressed 404. After the laning phase Sumail took action, 404 immediately turned the situation around. In 10 minutes, YES went down the road to advance a tower, and sumail was popular to sell flaws. The mystery behind squatting saw the opportunity to release the black hole and gave YES to dismount. In 17 minutes, the two sides formed a group in the middle, and the 404 perfectly divided the battlefield with 0 for 5 to destroy YES. Fortunately, the small black economy on YES’s side has not been pulled down. The next wave of group 404 played too loosely, and was unexpectedly hit by YES Dianyan Jushou A.

After YES controlled the shield, Xiao Hei with the shield was a little careless and was beaten to death by 404. In 31 minutes, the top 404 played Roshan at a heavy price. The Fengxing Shield was destroyed before it was heated, and the life of the double auxiliary was only exchanged for a cheese. When YES’s various acrobatic airdrops were flying, they were attacked by 404 in 40 minutes, and they were defeated one by one, and the YES five-person team was destroyed. In 43 minutes and 404 seconds of light speed, Roshan launched a total attack. In the highland team battle, the physical output of Dianyan’s unique hand was indeed terrifying, but the disadvantage was too great to change his fate against the sky, so he was removed from the super soldier. In the end, due to the pressure of the army line, YES lost the Roshan regiment, and 404 took it away in one wave and won the first game.

In the second game, 404 took out the bone method to advance the lineup of four protectors and one ghost, and YES Carl matched the lineup of Elf Swain. In the laning period, YES, the lone deer Bao, was very comfortable, and the combination of big fish and elves in the bot lane also penetrated the ghosts. It was not until Sumail started to kill and take towers that the situation eased. In 18 minutes, 404 hit the shield and triggered the Roshan group. YES first started BKB to kill the Quartet, but they were too obsessed with the battle and did not stop in time.

Afterwards, the ghost with the shield was extremely brave and fought very fiercely but failed to complete the break. In 31 minutes, Ramzes squatted on Roshan to refresh in advance, and Roshan’s interesting resurrection was knocked out by 404. Holding this shield 404 in his hand, he did not dare to launch an attack lightly. After 38 minutes of the shield disappearing, Swain seized the opportunity to hide the ghost in a passive second. After that, Swain, who was equipped with the equipment, smashed the Quartet, and even almost took away the game in a wave of bases in 40 minutes. The tough 404 did not give this opportunity. He desperately dropped Swain and dragged him to the resurrection of the ghost. The next wave of elf Swain stealing tactics Once resolved, the two sides reached a deadlock.

In 51 minutes, the ghost was caught as a jungler, and the two sides suffered heavy losses in the fight. YES took advantage of the crowd to destroy Roshan, but his big fish and deer got lost and caught. 404, seeing the advantage of 5 on 3, can’t miss it, rushing to the YES high ground to kill. But who ever thought that Swain would be a real man this time, and cut down 404 by himself. Since the CDs were not turned well, 404 could only watch Swain blow up the base.

In the third game, 404 continued to advance the four guarantees and one ghost. The plot of the laning phase is almost the same as the previous game. YES guarantees a fat puppy with no solution, and 404 relies on the personal rhythm of the Sumail bone method to open the situation. In 20 minutes, YES went deep into the wild area to try to make trouble, but ended up being surrounded by 404 instead. Then YES wanted to force Roshan to be discovered by 404, and after pulling it back and forth, he was destroyed by 404. After two consecutive waves of deadly group destruction, YES has basically gone far. After that, the game YES was messed up into a pot of porridge, which has evolved into a “pig slaughtering round” of 404.

In the fourth game, the 404 team took out the lineup of Lasik leading the four guards and one ghost, and YES took out the lineup of the queen and the elf Swain. In the laning phase, the 404 team hit the road with high toxicity and doomsday to kill Sven, and the fourth position Doomsday turned over and became the big brother. After the laning phase, 404 failed to organize an effective offense, resulting in a slowdown in the tempo to give Swain enough time to develop. In 14 minutes, 404 killed Tide first and started a group with YES at the first tower in the bottom road. They tried to kill Swain with all their strength, but the elves saved Swain at the limit. Not being able to kill Swain 404 was a little unwilling, too obsessed with being killed by a YES kite.

Later, although 404 killed Queen Swain successively, they were controlled by 404 to Roshan in 20 minutes. But the next wave of Swain, who faces A account and BKB in his hand, can only become Swain’s background board. After another wave of suffocating 404, he attacked again. In 28 minutes, he hit the road with the Ice Dragon Doomsday’s ultimate move and brought down Sven. He also cheated the tide’s ultimate move. At this time, Roshan refreshed 404 and then controlled the second generation of Roshan. Next, YES chose to take the initiative to change, and chased Lashike with a shield to bring him down, but the position was too deep, and it was impossible to get out of the body. 404 people gathered in the ghost to eat cheese. The hard steel on the front changed for four dozen. off YES. In the next game, YES had no chance to make a comeback. In the final 38 minutes, the 404 middle road was high. After the skills were consumed by each other, the ice dragon jumped the queen and Swain was beaten to death. Put an end to the game.

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