August 13, 2022


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Foreign guests are also surprised Actually, originated in Japan

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Foreign guests are also surprised Actually, originated in Japan

Foreign guests are also surprised Actually, originated in Japan

I don’t usually think about it, but many of them originate from Japan and are active all over the world.

I tried to collect things that surprised me, Well, this also originated in Japan !, which is popular not only in Japan but also overseas. If you are an interpreter guide, please ask “Did you know that you were born in Japan?” When you guide foreigners.

Prime Minister Kishida also resents the U.S. military Omicron stock, a hole called status of forces agreement

In Okinawa Prefecture, where US military bases are concentrated, the infection of the new coronavirus is spreading rapidly. It is highly possible that the highly infectious mutant strain “Omicron strain” has spread throughout the city via the base, and the number of newly infected people in the prefecture on the 5th is in the 600s, the first time since the state of emergency was declared last summer. rice field. In Yamaguchi Prefecture, where the base is also located, the number of infected people is increasing rapidly, and the provisions of the Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement, where Japan’s border measures cannot be applied to the U.S. military, and the U.S. military’s sweet infection prevention measures have accelerated the domestic epidemic of Omicron strains. is.

apply priority measures such as spread prevention in response to the rapid spread of Omicron strain infection in Okinawa Prefecture, gave an opinion of the business community on the spread prevention measures on the 5th. Attended the hearing meeting and showed a strong sense of crisis.

In the summer of 2021, when the fifth wave of infection struck the whole country, Okinawa Prefecture continued to have the worst infection situation per capita, but since November, the number of newly infected people per day has been zero or one digit, at most. It was calm to a dozen people. However, it began to increase gradually from around December 23, with 130 people on the 3rd of the new year, 225 people on the 4th, and 623 people on the 5th. ..

The beginning was the spread of infection at a US military base. A large cluster of U.S. Marines who entered Camp Hansen (Kincho, etc.) from the United States via the U.S. military Kadena Air Base (Kadena Town, etc.) in early December 2009. Occurs. According to reports from the USFJ to the Japanese government, 47% were infected with Omicron strains. According to the prefecture’s announcement, a total of 515 people have been infected in Hansen since December 15, and the infection has spread to other bases, and by January 5, Camp Zukeran (North). 97 people have been confirmed in Chatan Town, etc., and 87 people have been confirmed at Kadena Air Base.

The spread of the infection within the US military has spread to Japanese employees working at the base. According to the Okinawa Defense Bureau of the Ministry of Defense, 25 base employees have been confirmed infected since December 16. The prefecture conducted intensive PCR tests on base employees to contain them, but at the end of the year, infected people unrelated to the base were confirmed, and after the beginning of the year, community-acquired infections spread explosively. Governor Tamaki, who had a press conference on January 2, showed in the figure that Omicron strains of the same strain as base employees are spreading in the city, “The exudation from the U.S. military is a factor in the spread of infection. There is no doubt. “

The situation in which the infection spreads from the base to the surrounding residents is the same in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, where the US military Iwakuni base is located. At Iwakuni base, 182 people were confirmed to be infected on the 5th, the highest number ever, and the total number of infected US military personnel since the end of 2009 has reached 422.

On the other hand, apart from this number, the number of newly infected people in the prefecture announced on the 5th was 104, which is the 100th level for the first time in about four and a half months, of which 70 lived in Iwakuni City. According to the prefecture, a total of 230 people have been infected in the city in the past two weeks, 61 of whom were U.S. military personnel before and after Christmas …

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