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Japan is proud 8 Japanese games that are popular with foreigners

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Japan is proud 8 Japanese games that are popular with foreigners

Japan is proud 8 Japanese games that are popular with foreigners

Final fantasy series

  • The FINAL FANTASY series, abbreviated as FF, is overwhelmingly popular both in Japan and overseas.
  • FINAL FANTASY was released as a role-playing game (RPG) in 1987, but FINAL FANTASY VII became a hot topic overseas. But it seems to have become popular.

Super Mario Series

  • Nintendo is one of the most famous game companies in the world. The symbol of Nintendo is Mario, isn’t it? It seems that the secret of popularity is to make easy-to-understand short-term goals, such as adorable characters, taking flags while defeating small enemies, and receiving coins as rewards. It’s an easy-to-understand and fun game for everyone in every country.
  • At Kansai Airport, many foreigners are delighted because Mario characters will welcome you.


  • A Pokemon nicknamed Pokemon that has been loved for generations. Animation is being broadcast in about 98 countries, and it seems that you can get the answer “I know” no matter which country you ask. Characters other than the main Pokemon are thoroughly renamed depending on the country to penetrate. In addition to Pokemon games using game consoles, the smartphone game “Pokemon GO” is now quite popular. I think many people know Pokemon from anime.

Kingdom hearts

  • Kingdom Hearts is a collaboration between Disney and Square Enix. The appearance of Disney characters in the game created a lot of buzz. The story of the protagonist adventuring in the world of Disney is as if he had jumped into the movie. The fact that it has a relationship with FINAL FANTASY, which I mentioned at the beginning, further promotes its popularity.

Animal Forest

  • Animal Crossing is known in English as “Animal Crossing”. Among them, “Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest” released as Nintendo Switch software was released in Korona-ka, and it seems that many people spent their time at home while being healed by the animals. The demand is not only in Japan but also overseas. The story of creating an original village or island is free to do whatever you want. You can pursue your own hobbies or talk to the villagers. I am grasping the hearts of people who seek such a slow life.

The Legend of Zelda

  • It is a story that the link controlled by the player protects the princess Zelda from the enemy. The series we are introducing is a game in which Link, who lost his memory in the war 100 years ago, goes to save the princess in the castle while searching for her old memories. You can experience a world you have never seen by taking action while getting puzzle-solving items in dungeons (basements, etc.). The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which won the “Game of the Year” in each country in 2017, is praised as a game that will remain in history in the game world.

Dark soul

  • Dark Souls, which is highly regarded by overseas gamers, is available from From Software Inc. It may be the reason why foreigners are familiar with the fact that there are many depictions of medieval Europe in action RPGs. The story of getting weapons and magic while defeating enemies seems to be enthusiastic because of the high difficulty level.


  • Pac-Man was released as an arcade game by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. in 1980. Pac-Man was born with the theme of “eating”, fearing that it would be difficult for women to enter the arcade due to the increasing number of war-themed themes such as the Invaders game that was already popular at the time. Simple illustrations and how to play have become familiar beyond the boundaries of language. Nowadays, it has become more familiar as it has become a smartphone game and a board game.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – KONAMI

The first-time killing feeling of “not subject to the effect” and “choose”

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel” has gained worldwide popularity not only in Japan. This work is an online game with over 10,000 cards. Since the data of the PC version and the smartphone application version can be linked, you can enjoy it not only at home but also on the go.

Cards are roughly divided into three types: monsters, magic, and traps. Build a deck of 40 or more and compete one-on-one with other Duelists-Fighters. The victory condition is to cut off the opponent’s 8000 life points first. New cards can be obtained not only by “purchasing packs” using gems, but also by “generating cards” where you can make any card. You can receive gems by completing login bonuses and missions, so you can build one deck without charging.

It is recommended to build the early stage by referring to the deck recipe published on the net. As you play against each other, you can see the countermeasures and flow of various decks, so you can enjoy it more by modifying it based on your experience or thinking about the composition from scratch.

Since the rules and operation methods are explained in the story, it is attractive that even beginners can play with confidence. If you’re looking for a card game that you can easily play, check it out.

God Field – Guji

Unexpected cards are the key to victory

The indie game “God Field” celebrated its 20th anniversary in December 2021. This work is a battle game that supports both solo and multiplayer using a card called <Shinki>. Unlike general card battle games, not only HP and MP but also money is allocated as status. The winner is the player who has 1 or more HP at the end of the game.

In addition to “weapons” and “armor”, sacred treasures can be divided into five categories: “miracles” that consume MP, “transactions” that allow you to buy and sell hands, and “miscellaneous goods” that have various effects.

The appeal of this game is that while the rules are easy for beginners to play, there is a depth that makes it closer to victory by playing with a strategy. Another point is that there are cards that can be used in special ways to determine the outcome of the game, such as the sacred treasure “Sell”, in addition to the general usage. If you want to play a free game that can be easily enjoyed by multiple people, please check it out.

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