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Must-see for anime lovers Oizumi Gakuen, the birthplace of Japanese animation

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the birthplace of Japanese animation

the birthplace of Japanese animation

Many overseas guests like anime, and many also visit sacred places and purchase goods. Oizumi Gakuen in Nerima-ku, Tokyo is a must-see for guests who

say, The main place has ended up and I like a little old anime . About 15 minutes by semi-express train from Ikebukuro Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, it is a place that is not well known even for those who live in Tokyo. As some of you may know if you are an interpreter guide / interpreter guide, Nerima Ward is also called “the birthplace of Japanese animation”, and Galaxy Express 999 is played in the sound of train departures. increase! Let’s go on an anime tour at Oizumi Gakuen this time!

Why is it called the birthplace of Japanese animation?

When you hear “Oizumi Gakuen”, you may get an image of the school city.
This was a plan to attract universities and other places to create a school city when the name was changed in 1933, but now it is a commuter town for people who commute to school or work in the city center.

The reason why this is said to be the sacred place for animation is that in 1958 Toei Animation (currently Toei Animation) produced Japan’s first color feature animation movie “The Tale of the White Serpent”, and
after that, “Galaxy Railway 999”. This is because it is a place where animation production has been continued, such as production.

In addition, Reiji Matsumoto, the original author of the above work, has lived in Oizumi Gakuen for many years and is also known as a “manga artist’s town”.

In 2008, the conductor who appeared in “Galaxy Express 999” was appointed as an honorary stationmaster, and the doll is still watching the movement of people at the station.

The board behind the doll is signed by Dr. Matsumoto!
Actually, it is written in two places, so please look for it.

Then, I will introduce the spots where you can enjoy Oizumi Gakuen.

Oizumi Anime Gate

When you arrive at Oizumi Gakuen Station, let’s start by greeting the conductor inside the ticket gate. Then, exit the ticket gate, proceed to the north exit, and as soon as you turn right, you will be greeted by Oizumi Anime Gate.

How about taking a commemorative photo with characters related to Oizumi Gakuen, such as anime being produced in this town and the original manga artist living there?
It is about a 15-minute walk from Oizumi Gakuen Station, and you can take a bus from the station.

Kamen Rider is being filmed and anime is being edited.

You can’t go inside, but after enjoying the atmosphere of the studio’s exterior, why not visit the Toei Animation Museum, which we will introduce next.

Toei Animation Museum

It is a spot where you can enjoy original drawings and materials of various anime works that were renewed in 2018.
There is no need to move because the distance to Toei Photo Studio is in front of you across the road.

There is an eye-catching father’s object in the courtyard where you can take a break, and there are
other photo spots, so it is recommended for guests with small children.
You can also buy souvenirs at the shop.

Even if you are a little tired after moving from the free station, you can eat and drink at a cafe nearby. There is a store, so you don’t have to worry about taking a break or eating.


Along the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, “Mushi Production” established by Osamu Tezuka (“Astro Boy” is produced here) is still producing animation, and Tokiwa-so (2020) where manga artists once lived. The Tokiwa-so Manga Museum, which reproduces Tokiwa-so, will open on July 7, 2014!), And it is truly a sacred place for anime.

If you are tired of traveling in central Tokyo, or if you want to enjoy a different anime culture, why not recommend it?

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