August 14, 2022


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New capitalism in the world that destroys the dreams of sloppy business owners.

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New capitalism in the world that destroys the dreams of sloppy business owners

New capitalism in the world that destroys the dreams of sloppy business owners

Speaking of Japanese that can be understood in the world, “Sushi”, “Ramen”, “Kawaii”, etc. come to mind, but so is “emoji“.

In particular, “emoji” is used without knowing that it is Japanese, so it seems that many foreigners are surprised to learn that emoji originated in Japan.

It is also famous that former President Obama mentioned “karate, karaoke, manga, anime, and pictograms” as examples of Japanese culture when he invited former Prime Minister Abe to the White House.

In addition, the laughing emoji was sometimes selected as the “word of the year” selected by the Oxford Dictionary (2015).

New capitalism in the world that destroys the dreams of sloppy business owners

One of the reasons why the Kishida Cabinet advocates “realization of new capitalism” is that capitalism, that is, companies and investors, solve social problems such as environmental problems and disparities more directly. There is an ESG (environmental, social, corporate governance) -oriented debate on capitalism that should be committed to, thus increasing the sustainability of human society and linking it to corporate sustainability. Discussions began mainly in Europe before the start of the new coronavirus disease.

Value, investors, companies and governance (governance). ) Has risen rapidly here, and recently the United States is also following this trend.

 Financially, it emphasizes long-term sustainable growth rather than short-term profit. In terms of governance, it is a multi-stakeholder-oriented governance principle rather than a shareholder supremacy. Regarding investment standards and disclosure, we will emphasize non-financial information such as information on environmental burdens, diversity indicators such as gender balance, and investment status in human capital.

It will not be a Japanese-style management re-evaluation

 If you listen to this trend vaguely, it sounds like a re-evaluation of the nostalgic Japanese-style management of the Showa era that values ​​employees, but the reality is not such a loose story.

Consumers scream in the rush to raise food prices How much will prices rise?

The prices of familiar foods such as bread and cooking oil are increasing one after another, and the burden on households is increasing. How much will the price of goods go up and how will it affect our lives? [Hiroshi Takechi, Mio Ikeda, Fumio Matsuyama, Kenji Wada]

Hit the pension life directly

It’s hard for pensioners.” A housewife in her 70s, who was shopping at the supermarket “Akidai Sekimachi Main Store” in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, has recently realized that the prices of many products such as bread and cooking oil have risen.

 Living with my husband. She has tried to save money by using frozen foods that can be stored for a long time and can be eaten little by little, but she hides her  Supermarkets are also struggling between rising purchase prices and passing prices on products. Hiromichi Akiba, president of Akidai, said, “Gasoline will be expensive and transportation costs will increase, which is quite difficult. However, if the price of products continues to rise, the number of customers may decrease.”

Flour, oil, beef Price increase rush

 Food manufacturers and restaurant chains are announcing price revisions one after another. From January 2022, Nisshin Foods of the Nisshin Flour Milling Group will gradually raise the prices of 151 items such as household wheat flour products. From Korona-ka

Workman low-priced stores in front of Prada are confused by the changing Ginza

Ginza, Tokyo, which has the highest land prices in Japan and is lined with luxury brand stores. Low-priced stores such as 100-yen shops and casual wear stores are expanding into this town, which has a glittering and slightly high threshold. What is happening in Ginza now?

Workman “long-cherished wish”

 Mitsukoshi, Wako, Louis Vuitton, Chanel … Ginza Street is known as one of the world’s leading shopping roads alongside Fifth Avenue in New York and Oxford Street in London. As you move forward, you will see long-established department stores and luxury brand stores. On April 28th, the women’s apparel shop “# Workman Girls” opened in this area.

 Workman has a strong image of athletic fashion dealing with work clothes, but in recent years he has launched a stylish design brand and entered the “fashionable” market. “# Workman Girls” moved into a commercial facility opposite the luxury brand “Prada”.

 For Workman, advancing to Ginza was a “long-cherished wish.” Why Ginza Tetsuo Tsuchiya, managing director, said, “In the past, there were only people with high heels, but now there aren’t many. I think it’s just right because it’s becoming more casual.” He expects annual sales of 500-600 million yen and is confident that there are no failures.

 The day before the opening of Workman, what appeared in Ginza was which sells household goods from the 300 yen level. With a sales floor area of ​​about 460 square meters, it is the largest in the Kanto region and has more than 2000 types of products. This is the first time to open a store in Ginza, and a spokesman for PAL (Chuo-ku, Osaka), who operates the store, said, We have been conscious of large stores even in the city center in order to increase the number of products.

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