August 13, 2022


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Rainbow Six Siege – Ubisoft

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Rainbow Six Siege – Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege – Ubisoft

5vs5 real-oriented FPS game

FPS game “Rainbow Six Siege” where special forces of each country such as FBI SWAT in the United States and SAS in the United Kingdom are implemented. Japanese Special Forces SAT also exists in the game. The number of characters <operators> that can be operated is abundant with a total of 55 people. Since each has different roles and characteristics, it is attractive that the strategy changes greatly depending on the team formation.

There are three modes: bomb, area securing, and hostage. The camp is divided into offensive and defensive, and defenders can use tools and gadgets to defend the area just before the start of the match. The attacker can scout using a drone or the like. Keep in mind that walls and floors are not always safe, as some objects in the map can be destroyed.

Once defeated, you can’t respawn, but you can contribute to the team by taking advantage of the surveillance cameras and ally’s perspectives scattered throughout the map. If you’re looking for a relatively light FPS game, check it out.

Call of Duty: Warzone – Activision Publishing, Inc.

Pleasure when winning in a Thaiman game

“Call of Duty: Warzone” where you can play a large number of battle royale with up to 150 participants. General battle royale cannot be revived by yourself if killed. However, in this work, although it is conditional on being within a specific time, it will be sent to the <compulsory camp> without leaving the front after being defeated. If you win a one-on-one battle with an enemy who was killed like you in the camp, you can return to the front only once. You can aim for a reversal play.

Also, a system that allows you to purchase weapons and items by collecting cash scattered on the map is an element not found in other games. You can purchase a set of preset equipment of your choice, so you can proceed with the game more advantageously. The killed ally is also revived using the cache, so it is a very useful item depending on the scene.

In the mode “PLUNDER” that collects cash up to the target amount as soon as possible, it is possible to revive as many times as you like even if you are killed, like a team deathmatch. However, you need to be careful because the cache you held will be dropped. Recommended for those who want to play games with unique elements.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – SCS Software

Feeling like a truck driver

Drive simulation game “Euro Truck Simulator 2” set in Europe. It doesn’t compete with others, it’s mainly about “just driving a truck”, but it has been “overwhelmingly popular” in Steam reviews.

The player is a truck driver who carries various kinds of luggage. Unlike racing games that run through at a tremendous speed, safe driving that does not cause accidents is required. When you are carrying heavy luggage, you may not be able to stop immediately, or you may roll over due to excessive speed, so you can enjoy the reality similar to real driving. In addition, ignoring signals and non-lighting at night are subject to crackdown. Be aware that you may be fined in some cases.

The viewpoint from the driver’s seat is very real, as the steering wheel moves according to the operation and the car behind can be confirmed with the rear-view mirror. The position of the sun changes over time, so you can enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Recommended for those who want to experience the difficulty of driving a truck.

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