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Song Ga-in, Ga-in’s popularity is immortal 37 weeks in a row, top female star rankings

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Singer Ga-in Song maintained the first place in the women’s Start Lot ranking for 37 consecutive weeks.

Song Ga-in took the first place with 66,534 votes in the Star Ranking Start Lot Women’s Ranking Voting held in the 4th week of April (37th) from 3:01 pm on April 21 to 3 pm on April 28. It is her 37th week in a row.

After Song Ga-in, Jeon Yu-jin took second place with 26,805 votes, and Hong-ja took third place with 15,109 votes, respectively.

Song Ga-in released her third full-length album ‘Love Song’ (戀歌) on her last 21st. The title song is ‘Raining Mt. Geumgang’. Also, ‘Beyond Memories’ is her double title song and is loved by many of her fans.

After the release of her sound source, Song Ga-in has been active in various entertainment programs in addition to music programs.

Meanwhile, Star Ranking is a ranking vote in which her fans directly vote for their favorite star to determine the ranking. Various privileges are provided to the stars according to the voting result ranking.

The star selected as the number one for four weeks in a row is featured on an outdoor billboard advertisement. Fans of the star who won the first place for 4 weeks in a row can also fan support for outdoor billboard advertisement video.

12 interesting experiences you can do in Kyoto

Have you ever been asked by interpreter guides / interpreter guides who often guide foreign guests in Kyoto city, “I want to experience, but is there any good point?” In addition, the number of Japanese tourists who want to experience extraordinary experiences in Kyoto is increasing. This time, we have summarized some interesting experiences that you can do in Kyoto. Why don’t you have a special experience?

Zazen experience


A temple of the Kenninji school located on the grounds of Kenninji. The priest will talk politely so that even those who are new to zazen can easily participate. Since you can participate in any style, many people may change the image of zazen. It starts early in the morning, so it’s perfect for the start of the day. It is a popular zazen experience with many repeaters.

Shino fee 2,000 yen
Time required 90 minutes (8:30)
Capacity About 50 people
Reservation From HP

Bishamondo Shorinji

At Katsurinji Temple, which is located near Tofukuji Temple, please first explain the history of the temple and how to approach zazen. It is also perfect for beginners. It is also possible to have matcha as an option after experiencing zazen. Why don’t you take a break and enjoy a comfortable time after preparing your mind?

Shino fee Adults 1,000 yen / High school students 800 yen / Junior high school students 700 yen / Elementary school students 600 yen
Matcha / seasonal namagashi (separately 800 yen per person)
Time required 60 ​​minutes (12: 30 )
Capacity About 50 people
Reservation Phone (075-561-4311), from HP

Calligraphy experience

Design calligraphy class “Zou”

Do you know the word “design calligraphy” in calligraphy? A place where you can experience brush writing with design awareness is born in Kyoto. One of the attractions is that there are various experience courses. I think Japanese people can enjoy it as an extraordinary experience. You can decorate your work or give it as a gift to your loved ones.

Experience fee 3,000 yen (same fee for all courses)
Time required 120 minutes
Reservation From HP, Mail ([email protected])

Tsutsumi Tsutsumi

You can enjoy Japanese art and calligraphy at the Michelin-listed kaiseki restaurant. There is also a nice course with a kaiseki lunch. For foreign guests, it can be said that it is a wonderful place where you can enjoy the uniqueness of Kyoto in one place. The location is also in the town, and it is a nice point that it is easy to access.

Experience fee 5,000 yen / 3,500 yen (12 years old or younger)
Time required 60 ​​to 120 minutes
Reservation From the reservation site below

Tea ceremony experience

Tea Ceremony Camellia Tea Ceremony Camellia

A tea ceremony experience where you can enjoy Uji matcha and beautiful sweets unique to Kyoto. You can make your own tea after seeing the front of you by the instructor. You can choose from a group experience and a private experience, and since you can participate in English, it is a tea ceremony experience that is very popular with foreign guests.

Experience fee 3,000 yen
Time required 45-60 minutes
Reservation From HP

Hateru’s unique tea ceremony experience

It is an experience to hold a traditional and unique tea party limited to one group. Since the concept is “So that anyone can easily participate”, please show your front in the style of sitting on a chair. The host, Hateru Sawada, was born in Germany and moved to Japan after graduating from university. We can provide guidance in English as well as German, so why not recommend it to your guests?

Experience fee 1,600 yen
Time required 60 ​​minutes
Capacity 5 people
Reservation From the reservation site below

Ceramic art experience

Zuikou kiln

Click here for the most popular ceramic art experience in Kyoto. Since it is a Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki kiln, you can teach us the traditional techniques that have been passed down for about 250 years. It is a 7-minute walk from Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and it is a popular secret that it is easy to stop by during sightseeing. You can choose the experience that suits you from four types of plans.

Experience fee 1,900 yen
Time required 20 minutes
Reservation Phone (075-744-6644), from the following HP

Kasho kiln ceramic art class

Kasho kiln pottery class at the intersection of Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka, where popular shops are lined up. You can freely choose the shape, and you can choose from 8 different colors. There are also seasonal colors, so some people go to the pottery class for that season. It’s open all year round, so it’s easy to recommend it to foreign guests.

Experience fee 2,000 yen
Time required 20 minutes
Reservation Telephone (075-531-0056), from the following HP

Japanese sweets making experience

Kameya Yoshinaga

Did you know that you can experience making Japanese sweets at a long-established Japanese sweets store that has been around for 210 years? Since you can make it with the craftsman, you can see the craftsman’s skill up close while listening to the explanation of Japanese sweets. English and Chinese interpreter guides are also available.

Experience fee 2,500 yen
Time required 70 minutes
Reservation Telephone (057-221-2005), FAX (075-223-1125), from the following HP

Kyoto Kasho Shichijo Kanshundo

You can experience making Japanese sweets while feeling the history at the Kyogashi restaurant that has been around for seven generations since the late Edo period. The main store is located near Sanjusangendo, and the Kyoto Tower Sand store also offers a hands-on experience class for dried sweets. The Japanese sweets I made are also nice because you can make your own matcha and eat it.

Experience fee 2,000 yen
Time required 60 ​​minutes to 90 minutes
Reservation From the following website

Incense experience


At directly managed stores nationwide, you can experience the incense of “Enjoying incense”. Although it is a little-known incense culture, Shoyeido’s founding dates back about 300 years. Why don’t you enjoy incense and enrich your life a little? Currently, the Arashiyama store holds an experience of making sachets with original scents every day.

Experience fee 1,100 yen
Time required 30 minutes
Reservation Depending on the experience. From the following HP

Yamada Matsukagi store

Here too, you can easily enjoy “Kodo”, one of the three major arts in Japan. There are various types of experiences, such as a course where you can adjust the original scent to your liking, and a course where you can enjoy tea and sweets that match the scent. Many foreign guests like perfume, don’t they? How about telling “Kodo”?

Experience fee 500 yen
Capacity 12 people
Time required 50 minutes
Reservation Telephone (075-441-1123)

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