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the winners are strong and the winners are strong to see the defeat of the Chengdu Hunters in details

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the winners are strong and the winners are strong to see the defeat of the Chengdu Hunters in details

the winners are strong and the winners are strong to see the defeat of the Chengdu Hunters in details

Chengdu Hunters, as the eastern team that defeated Guangzhou Charge 3-0 before, gave many people, including me, full confidence in them. But the 3-0 loss to the Seoul Dynasty disappointed fans who followed it. As a die-hard fan of the All-China class, I also had a verbal battle with people because of certain opinions during the game. Later, I felt that it would be better to wait until the end of the game to review the game to find out why the hunter ended in a disastrous defeat.

After a day of review, I took screenshots and marked the details in the video, and attached my own deconstruction of the situation, hoping to make it easier for everyone to understand some problems that may not be visible from the OB perspective.

Ilios – not evenly matched

From the live video of Shenjing, the Chengdu Hunters and the Seoul Dynasty are evenly matched in the scene, but in fact, the Zarya system of the Chengdu Hunters failed. In the early stage, the two sides formed an obvious confrontation relationship, that is, FITS confronted LEAVE, PROFIT brought VINDAIM against JINMU and NISHA, and the performance gap between the two sides was not big.

It was only after the first team battle that the hunter won, the energy of SMURF was higher than that of DAIZI. When the hunter’s progress reached 50%, DAIZI was hit by CREATIVE’s sleep needle and fell to the periphery of the lighthouse, and was destroyed by Seoul’s focus in seconds. This gap changed. bigger.

After a series of personnel exchanges and resurrections, Seoul seized the opportunity to keep NISHA behind. This wave of Seoul’s attack was resisted by Jinmu’s personality copy, Anna Daizi, and the progress of the hunter’s map reached 99. So far, it is the dominant range of hunters.

SMURF’s Gravity Surge is fully charged, and the hunters Zarya, Ashe and others are controlled first. PROFIT benefits from it and catches up with 30% of the energy behind JINMU. Just like DAIZI is behind SMURF, they all recover their disadvantage through team battles. LEAVE’s Bob also threw out this team battle, causing a crisis in which hunters had no counter-offensive means in the mid-term.

DAIZI Gravity Surge single suction SMURF was correct in decision-making, but it was out of position during execution. The team’s treatment line was near the right hut, and his position was out of his own milk line, which was taken away by the PROFIT focused light, and the gravity gushing was self-defeating. Bob’s movement that defuses FITS makes it stop at the point.

At this time, the energy gap between Zarya and Zarya had reached about 40%. But it is worth noting that the output of the two sides exchanged, that is, the Echo Angel faced Ashe. This pattern of output pinning each other is also always changing in the three maps of Ilios.

The team battle when the Seoul Dynasty’s point-to-point ratio reached about 60% seems to be aware that LEAVE is not easy to mess with. The people of Seoul put the focus on MMONK, and even the angels of NISHA were imprisoned together.

Here, SMURF’s counterpoint energy lead has exceeded 60%, and FITS Bob’s progress immediately catches up with LEAVE. With the blessing of hormones, the victory of the team battle is almost a certainty, but why did the hunter win?

The first is that SMURF’s gravity spurt is empty. We can’t see the gravity spurt from the OB perspective, but we can detect it through slow playback. It was LEAVE who threw Bob and knocked SMURF into the air, causing the gravity spurt error, and Bob still digested it. CREATIVE’s sleep needle.

The result of the chain reaction is that PROFIT needs to rely on individual ability to harvest without the gravitational gush, the single-barrier entry of hormones. PROFIT switched to MMONK, but he was banned by JINMU soon, and the unfortunate Vindaim could only bite the bullet and drop a gun to cause damage to LEAVE because he was separated from the echo. Of course, he was not spared.

SMURF, whose residual blood did not keep up with the set fire, was unable to retreat before the progress bar of 99 on both sides, and was also killed. So we finally see FITS and CREATIVE fighting back and failing. In the battle of Shenjing, Chengdu does not have an overall advantage in the team. In fact, most of the counterattacks are attributed to LEAVE’s individual performance, the containment of the echo, Bob’s blow to the SMURF, causing him to make mistakes, the terrible headshot harvest in the end game, MVP The name deserves it.

Perhaps due to the terrifying oppression created by leaving, in the ruins, FITS took out a black shadow with a general opinion and began to create pressure on the back row of hunters, the first of which was the LEAVE Widowmaker placed on the periphery of the team. I think there were at least three waves of teamfights in the rubble that helped Seoul win. The first is the Hunter’s Gravity Spur rounds.

The hero of this wave of Seoul lies in Vindaim. Because while he cooperated with FITS to pursue LEAVE, his ultimate energy increased wildly at a speed not inferior to DAIZI. When DAIZI was still 3% weaker in energy, because the hunter’s forward pressure Vindaim increased its energy by nearly 10% in one breath through the strong sound recovery, thus breaking the sound barrier one step faster than DAIZI.

It is also this sound barrier that eliminates the hunter’s front pressure advantage. It is worth mentioning that FITS alone killed LEAVE on the way to DAIZI. Does this remind you of the name of the second black shadow in the league recognized by LIP?

Ruin’s second key teamfight came from FITS’ EMP. Although DAIZI gave MMONK a shield in time to protect him when he was half-blooded, and quickly moved closer to him, it also gave FITS a chance to have a wave of three blacks (actually four blacks, and the barrier offset the effect of the electromagnetic pulse). This wave The EMP reduced the hunter’s JINMU, LEAVE, and DAIZI’s health by 40%, allowing Seoul to easily focus on killing Zarya, the leader of the system.

MMONK also can not escape death. The endgame performance of SMURF here once again made me understand the importance of Zarya’s system in Zarya’s survivability in the endgame, and the main source of survival support is still Ana’s recovery.

This conclusion was verified again in the third wave of decisive teamfights. On the way to pursue MMNOK, Seoul PROFIT found that the hunter Zarya and others lacked the blood volume, and immediately turned back to the crowd and used the cover of the SMURF projection barrier to hit death and bloom most of the damage. While giving Zarya’s shield energy feedback, by killing the opposing DAIZI, the endgame advantage was infinitely reversed to the Seoul Dynasty.

PROFIT’s on-the-spot judgment is certainly worthy of praise, but I think the hunter’s response from hormone selection, to focusing on teamfights, and rising to tactical arrangements are slightly inferior to Seoul. It can only be said that Seoul does indeed have the basis for the strength of the east that was previously rumored.

The details of the lighthouse are still focused on DAIZI. At the same time, we must also see what the tactical goal of Seoul is: DVA occupy the high platform, expel the gun positions or flying units on the high platform in the center, rely on the flesh to delay the control point rhythm, and create opportunities for PROFIT and FITS . In fact, DAIZI’s first death in the lighthouse was a masterpiece of Seoul’s Double C, and there is a particularly eye-catching detail that, at the moment of beheading DAIZI, he was covered with a SMURF matrix, which means that MMONK can’t save people. s reason.

Then there is the familiar shooter first shooter link. The death of MMONK at about 33% of the progress in Seoul was another collaborative result of Seoul’s double C. PROFT turned back to NISHA after deceiving MMONK’s skills, while FITS ran behind MMONK from the midfield and used grenades and melee to kill him in seconds.

Without Ana’s support, the hunter can’t win, but DAIZI’s decision to delay death in the absence of a chance to win I disagree. This decision caused the team to delay the opportunity to regroup, and at least 5-8% was lost. percentage of points.

how? not much. Deadly? deadly. I think the ramifications of this procrastination will be magnified in the return version. In fact, if it weren’t for Seoul’s mistakes in the 99 progress teamfight, perhaps the score of Lighthouse would have been 100-0. In the follow-up battle of the lighthouse, DAIZI’s death scene is still being re-enacted. What is the assistant doing at this time? What are the others doing?

In the video, we can find that LEAVE and MMONK are still sticking to the high platform on the second floor. Because SMURF switched from DVA to Zarya, the high platform is no longer a threat, but MMONK’s biological grenade was accidentally hit by its shield when protecting NISHA. dodge. And NISHA was banned from medical treatment and died in action while the assembly order was issued to the limit.

In contrast, although Vindaim has also been accepted, he has done everything he can do. With the continuous treatment provided by the CREATIVE energy, the SMURF high energy is almost destined to be hopeless for the hunter to enter. JINMU was defeated by Vindaim alone and could not escape death. The last remaining LEAVE and MMONK, is it like the encounter between FITS and CREATIVE in the deep well?

Right now, right now.

The lighthouse match revealed that DAIZI’s hero pool still needs to be expanded. JINMU faces DVA, a tank with first-class management and control capabilities, especially a unit whose dual auxiliary is constantly providing support. Even with NISHA, it is difficult to turn the tide.

The comparison between Vindaim’s several choices and NISHA’s later hammer sisters is obvious. The amount of support received by the tanks in the points is different, which indirectly causes the collapse of the entire operation. Of course, PROFIT and FITS’ control of the midfield and the oppression of the auxiliary line of the hunters at the back also gained huge benefits, and also laid the groundwork for the subsequent games.

Eichenwald – hunter becomes prey

The defensive lineup of Chengdu Hunters in Eichenwald is very interesting. As a substitute for Reaper, Xiaomei has strong survivability while having high damage at close range. At the same time, Ice Wall is a special skill for bridge hole defense. group.

Hunter’s defensive position in the first three minutes is worth playing. DAIZI is basically in the center of the bridge hole to support JINMU or MMONK in both rooms at any time. Either side will get the cover of the projection barrier to return to the team and provide energy feedback for DAIZI at the same time. In the actual execution, JINMU’s play is more aggressive, and DAIZI’s projection barriers are basically given to him. In terms of revenue, Hunter was doing very well in the early stage, but there was a mistake in responding to the Seoul ult round.

When the PROFIT hormone dragon blade slashed to the back row, I paid attention to several points:

How to deal with the double auxiliary, did you help teammates relieve the pressure?

What is Xiaomei from JINMU doing?

First of all, DAIZI turned around, but after PROFIT sent LEAVE back to his hometown, DAIZI wisely chose not to chase anyone but to deal with the rest of the Seoul members who were trying to get in.

MMONK banned Genji, NISHA first sonic boom pushed people, and then accelerated to pull the position, these are no problem.

Only Jinmu was entangled with the opponent’s Lucio near Gate B, and did not choose the banned remnant Genji as the target.

When the team lost the two counterattack resources of gravity surge and hormones at the same time, not only did they not choose to return to the team to assist in defense, but also because they rushed forward to the sound barrier counterattack of the Seoul Dynasty, they handed over the refrigerator and randomly consumed a layer of DAIZI projection barrier. .

In fact, it’s not a big deal so far, because as long as LEAVE returns, the team still has the power to counterattack. But JINMU still returned to fight near the gate at this time, until it was killed by Vindaim and PROFIT.

The hunters who lacked Xiaomei couldn’t contain the surprise attack of SMURF and others on the back row as before, and they could only accept the reality that point A was broken without the ability to counterattack.

The rapid breakdown of point B, there are surprises and the remaining problems brought by point A. FITS and PROFIT are very fond of assisting SMURF and others to focus on individual units by diverting their attention from the castle tower in Section B. In addition, there are a lot of skill reserves left over from the chaos before the Seoul attack at Point A, especially Primal Fury, which has obvious advantages in driving away high platforms.

In the team battle near the end of B, the NISHA sound barrier was handed over to protect MMONK, but it was not able to keep it in time. As shown in the screenshot, the cause of death of MMONK was mainly from the spiral missile of FITS on the high platform. This kind of accidental spike has MMONK’s own mistakes, and Seoul’s snowballing ability to rely on terrain to seize advantages and create opportunities.

The most impressive team battle of the C-section defense was that DAIZI made a mistake and was set on fire by Seoul. After the SMURF cover was isolated and treated, DAIZI was killed in action.

This is a perfect situation judgment by JINMU. From the screenshots, DAIZI obviously did not communicate the retreat route with the team, so that he lost the NISHA acceleration and was caught by the opponent. But here I have a question. Thinking of JINMU’s Xiaomei’s position at point A and ignoring the residual blood of PROFIT, are they all due to the current information communication problems of hunters?

As for the two waves of team battles in which Seoul broke through point C, the main focus was on the advantage of the ultimate move. The sound barrier of NISHA and Vindaim was in place, so there is no need to elaborate.

Among them, JINMU’s decision to switch to death and take the second floor to force SMURF back is the second highlight of JINMU in the first round of defense. Without this wave of armor-piercing damage close to 300, Seoul might have launched a raid earlier, and the delivery target might have arrived before the overtime.

The Hunter’s first round of offense had a big advantage of breaking point A in seconds. The first is that SMURF’s rebound made a big mistake, which caused Seoul to pull out CREATIVE’s position to barely keep Winston, but this also gave DAIZI and JinMU and others a chance to break into the back row. After Anna became a scapegoat, because Vindaim was banned from treatment by the flank MMONK, the Seoul Dynasty was suspended.

Another point is the hunter’s hero selection. Not to mention the perfect affinity of Death to Zarya for the time being. Echo at point A has the advantage of being a small platform within two points and threatens the ability of the back row of the Seoul Dynasty at any time. This may be the reason why LEAVE insists on choosing Echo to give the team an advantage. , is also the source of pressure that caused PROFIT to give up the 40% more energy Genji accumulated after point A was broken. The Seoul Dynasty had to make a change – put the pressure on the hunters. So the tug-of-war for Section B began.

Because the strategies adopted by Seoul in the two rounds of offense and defense are basically the same, it may be summed up here. The first is to limit the carrying target. In the offense, try to transition the car to the bridge behind the corner as much as possible, and in the defense, try to control the corner as much as possible to involve the opponent’s combat power.

Use the double-C to go alone but cooperate with Winston to force the opponent to give up the high platform, strengthen a unit to carry out a concentrated fire attack on the opponent’s back row, and complete the killing task as much as possible without losing the tank. If the opponent tries to snatch the high point with himself, arrange the auxiliary unit to switch the defensive position and turn the team to the defender’s resurrection point as the attacking side of the truck.

It sounds very simple. In the actual battle situation, PROFIT’s Tracer acted as a bait in the defense, forcing the hunters to push carts with people with stronger individual capabilities, while FITS, SMURF and Vindaim were waiting for the opportunity to directly outflank the back row of the high-level hunters into the small room. , and then form a multi-unit focus fire through Tracer’s high mobility.

Due to the short legs of the Zarya system, the hunters tried to chase the back row of Seoul on the high platform several times and consumed a lot of time and skills in the middle, and the Winston system was a high platform map such as Eichenwald. Tyrant. So as we saw in the game, at least three times in the B segment, the hunter was attacked by the opponent back and forth when they seized the high platform, and the teamfight failed.

The solution given by the hunter in the face of Seoul’s strategy is a simple and rude dominant round of the ultimate move. However, like Ilios, the cost-effectiveness of the Hunter team’s ultimate move to change the advancing distance is extremely low. And generally, when SMURF’s primitive rage rushes towards the back row of hunters, I can always see Jinmu taking a detour on the flank and trying to rely on his personal ability to counter the back row of Seoul. This approach, whether it is a tactical arrangement or a personal idea, I think it is very important. Slightly unwise. Combined with the second break problem at point A, this feeling will be even stronger, because in my opinion, the special attack effect of Reaper on Winston is enough for hunters to help the team defend SMURF attacks first, and break into the back row alone. The efficiency is too low, and the Zarya system cannot enter the endgame advantage period, which is not worth the loss.

Both teams in the first round sent the car to the finish line and gained one minute of attack time in the second round. As far as the results are concerned, the two sides have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they are still on the same level as in the early days of Ilios, but in fact, the various problems of the hunters themselves have not been solved, and they have not given more cost-effective in the face of Seoul’s targeted play. s answer. This is the cause of the second round of the one-minute miracle, and it is probably the result of many people’s anger because of their incomprehension.

The problem with the defensive surface of the second round of Hunter’s point A is that JINMU has eaten two barriers and did not consider the aggressive move of returning to the team. This makes no sense. Maybe he thinks his teammates will follow up, but in fact the hunters are tug-of-war with opponents near the point, while Jinmu cuts in alone and forcibly exchanges blood with opponents without self-protection skills. Made the same mistakes as the first-round defensive use of Little Beauty.

The less noticed problem is that LEAVE’s echo broke into the cabin alone to find CREATIVE to fight for his life. The result of this practice is that NISHA, who had a bad blood line, also had to fight for his life, and DAIZI, who was in the center of the venue, could not provide support due to its awkward position (both barriers were given to JINMU), and there was no way to immediately follow up with him. To the damage, can only leave MMONK to watch his teammates die.

Section B Seoul’s targeting of NISHA made many people think that the hunter lost because he didn’t fight. As I said before, hunters are very confident in their own echo system, and after adding point A, the team will soon have a big move, so it is a good choice to play heavy resource star balls to ambush gate B.

However, here the hunter overlooked a point, that is, the terrain of segment B is different from that of segment A, and the natural advantage of Echo Farah does not exist in segment B. I noted in the screenshot that PROFIT on the high platform continued to oppress NISHA’s blood volume while observing whether MMONK continued to provide support. After confirming that MMONK was fully protecting the angel, he gave up the high platform and went straight to the team battle center to throw pulse bombs to kill LEAVE.

At this time, the hunter is already insufficient in damage, DAIZI’s blood volume is halved and the only remaining projection barrier is handed over for self-protection. The overall situation has not entered the endgame as the hunter hoped, but MMONK still handed over the hormone to let DAIZI hit damage. Just ask how a Zarya with less than 30 energy can suppress FITS, who is also strengthened by hormones and has tactical goggles, not to mention that Seoul has not lost a single person so far.

This wave of team battles in the Seoul Dynasty ranged from constraining Angels and consuming Ana’s healing resources to forcing half-blooded Zarya to exchange skills and join the team, and then use pulse bombs to kill the grouped hunter units. The game is also moving in the direction they expected. DAIZI single-shot SMURF in the later stage but does not consider the opponent’s countermeasures, which just shows that the hunter command system is basically paralyzed at this time.

As for the hunter’s second round of offense, there isn’t much value to discuss. I think that aside from the personal abilities of FITS and PROFIT, waiting for teammates in the endgame, throwing milk sticks to help the team recover, advancing and retreating in a moderate manner, with a clear goal, this alone is enough for Seoul to have a foothold in the Eastern Conference. Hunters are far from it in this regard.

Route 66 – Going to the doctor in a panic

I don’t want to do a detailed review of Highway 66. At this time, the hunter’s mentality is already in chaos, and I think the same may be true of the coaching staff, because when GA9A played, I told my friends, since it was for Winston, why should GA9A take it? What about Zarya? If it is to fight the Zarya system, why not let DAIZI train troops? After all, the defeat has been determined, but experience is hard to find.

Relatively speaking, Hanzo, Angel, who was criticized by others, I don’t think there is anything incomprehensible. Angels are still the needs of LEAVE, Hanzo is the choice for the high platform and SMURF, and can also cooperate with Zarya to fight the dragon. Although this lineup almost completely abandons MMONK, it can maximize the damage ability of LEAVE and others. Besides, isn’t there Zarya from GA9A?

But the hunter still seems to underestimate the ability of the opponent’s back row to focus fire, because even if LEAVE can use NISHA to replace CREATIVE, Hanzo, Zarya, Ana, no one can find any counterattack opportunities in Winston’s shield. The Hunter’s last two minutes of attacking GA9A replaced Winston, but it was just a desperate medical treatment.

Conclusion – Victory over others OR over oneself

As a brainless fan of the quasi-all-China class who used to do video embarrassing talk about the Chengdu Hunters before, I personally also expect that the Chengdu Hunters will be able to defeat the Seoul Dynasty as always in the new season, not only because of some members of this Korean team Fans who have deeply hurt China’s Overwatch, even more hope that CNOW will be able to create greater glories in its return.

At this stage, hunters need to regain their confidence and sort out their lineup rotation on the dominant map. I believe that the hunter coach who can use Xiaomei as the Death God in Eichenwald must have his own understanding. The road is long, I will search up and down. Today, when the return version is constantly updated, hunters need to sort out their own problems, and they need to beat themselves first to win. I believe they will win their share of glory and glory.

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