August 14, 2022


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Titanfall 2 – Electronic Arts

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The friendship between Titan and humans Believe

The friendship between Titan and humans Believe

The friendship between Titan and humans Believe

The FPS game “Titanfall 2” by Electronic Arts, the creator of “Apex Legends”. The main character, Jack Cooper, is a soldier who longs for a pilot who controls a giant robot, Titan. One day, Cooper, who was involved in the battle, takes over the Titan from Captain Rusty Mosa, who was defeated by the enemy. It is a must-see how Cooper, who was supposed to fly as a matter of course, and BT, who suddenly changed the driver, will fight.

The attraction of this work is that the relationship between BT and Cooper deepens as the story progresses. There is a dialogue like an American joke, and you may laugh with a meds. Also, there are some developments where you can feel a hot friendship, so if you are interested, please check it out.

The “multiplayer” mode, where you can play against a large number of players online, is also a point. Players run around freely, running and jumping on the wall, so you can enjoy shooting with extremely high action.

Fortnite – Epic Games

It’s not just about shooting. Only if you build it

The popular TPS game “Fort Knight” with a playing population of over 350 million. It is so exciting that a large-scale world tournament with a winning prize of over 100 million yen will be held. The play method is the same as the basic battle royale format, and after jumping from the sky, collect the items around. If you fight other players and survive to the end, you will win. The mode can be selected from 1-player solo, 2-player duo, and 4-player squad.

What is characteristic is that there is an element of architecture as well as shooting. Build buildings with items to sniper enemies from high places and protect yourself from ammunition. Aiming power is important, but building skills such as how quickly you can create an advantageous position are also important points to decide the outcome.

The appearance of the character can be changed by purchasing a skin. We also collaborate with famous movies such as “Marvel Series” and “Terminator”, artists that actually exist, and sports clubs such as the NBA. Recommended for those who want to play the game with various skins.


won! won! Supper is a don win! !!

“PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” is famous as a spark of the battle royale game trend. It used to be sold for a fee, but from January 12, 2022, you can play it for free. The maximum number of participants is 100 per match. You can also play with your friends by choosing <DUO> for a two-person party or <SQUAD> for a maximum of four parties.

When the game starts, the player is waiting on the plane. While looking at the map, decide the drop zone and land at the target location. Collect the dropped weapons and items, and if you encounter other players, fight or run away and respond according to the situation.

The point is that the play zone shrinks with time. Being out of range of the zone will take damage, so you’ll have to move around the map to see where it’s safe. There are a wide variety of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and boats, so in some cases you can move to a safe zone at once. However, it will break if damage such as being shot or hit accumulates.

You can wake up an ally who has lost HP and is stunned, but if you take a kill from the stunned state, there is no way to revive it, so you can experience more thrill and tension than a general FPS game. Recommended for those who want to play games where strategy is important.

GTFO – 10 Chambers

If you can’t cooperate, you’ll die

A very difficult cooperative FPS game “GTFO”. It can be done solo with Bot, but officially it is recommended to play with multiple people.

Four players gathered as prisoners. As a team working together, they are ordered to collect the items sleeping in the underground facility. Of course, it’s not an easy task to go, pick up, and come back. There are monsters that are sensitive to sound and light lurking in the facility, and once they are found, they will attack you immediately.

The point is that you can’t capture just by being good at aiming. You need to think about various things such as how to use poor supplies, stealth actions to prevent the enemy from finding you, and cooperation with voice chat.

There are also elements that are rare in FPS games, such as entering commands on the console screen when detecting items. Recommended for those who want to clear difficult games with friends.

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