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Travel abroad with an online tour I went to Lombok Island, Indonesia on the weekend

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Travel abroad with an online tour I went to Lombok Island, Indonesia on the weekend

Travel abroad with an online tour I went to Lombok Island, Indonesia on the weekend

I think there are many people who say that they couldn’t travel this year and didn’t travel during the summer vacation.
However, you want to have a good vacation and have some fun at home.
At that time, there is an option of online tour!

What does an online tour really look like? I think that there are many people who are not good at imagining, so this time we will deliver a report that employees actually participated in the online tour.
Travel destination is Lombok Island, Indonesia! This is our first overseas online tour.

What is Lombok?

Lombok is a popular resort located about 40 minutes from Bali.
You can enjoy the beautiful blue sea with high transparency and the magnificent view of the mountains.
This island, which is still in the process of resort development, seems to have a different charm from Bali. Also, since it is not well known in Japan, it can be said that it is a little-known destination.
This online tour is about experiencing a paraglider on Lombok.
Let’s enjoy real-time Lombok Island by relaying with a Japanese guide living in Indonesia! It is the content.

Online tour experience

On the day of the online tour.
With plenty of time, log in to Zoom about 10 minutes before the start.

I received an email in advance with a picture of the beach on Lombok Island that can be used as a virtual background for Zoom, so some people set it as the background. It’s nice to have a better mood.
Basically, participants mute the microphone and use the chat feature instead to talk. The moderator will pick up the questions as appropriate and the guide will answer them.
Five minutes before the start, participants will enter the room one after another. Even in the chat, voices such as “I’m looking forward to it!” Were gathered.

At 10 o’clock, after introducing a brief guide, it’s time to head to Lombok!

also known as Hooky, will show you around Lombok .
The only Japanese guide on Lombok.
She has been the former Judo coach in Japan and has traveled to 40 countries in the past, and started a tourism company on Lombok Island, which she liked the most.

Mr. Hooky, who is in the area, will deliver the scenery of Lombok Island in real time, so first we will walk along the beautiful beach. Under the blue sky, the sea has a beautiful blue gradation. On a sandy beach, I encountered a parent and child who came from Jakarta. Involuntarily, the voice of the heart “I like it” comes out.
Hooky speaks friendly to the locals in fluent Indonesian, which he learned in a year. During this time, he politely answers the frequently asked questions from the participants.
“Is the boat floating in the sea a fishing boat?” “A sightseeing boat and a fishing boat in the back!”

Hooky explained and answered questions to deepen his knowledge of Lombok. To go.

Next, Mr. Hooky will guide you on a bicycle along the road where small shops are lined up. Lombok is an eco-friendly island and cars are prohibited. The main move is by bicycle, on foot, or by carriage. Certainly, the road was full of horse-drawn carriages.

Mr. Hooky enters a fashionable local cafe and goes to a quiz tournament with a question time and a paraglider pair ticket, which is a luxurious prize.
Hooky will give a brief quiz about Lombok and participants will chat to answer. The person who sent the answer first is the pair ticket winner!
Three questions were asked, and all of them became a heated quiz tournament.

Well, finally we will move on to the paragliding experience, which is the main event, but unfortunately the wind was not so much on that day, so we could not actually fly the paraglider. Watch the video and enjoy the spectacular view of the blue sea and green mountains for a while.
It was a little disappointing that I couldn’t experience paragliding in real time, but it was fun enough!
Paragliding seems to be a much more relaxed ride than you can imagine, so that small children can enjoy it. However, it seems that the thrill can be adjusted, and if you like the screaming system, the guide will steer with a height difference like a roller coaster.

With such a thing, one hour passed in a blink of an eye, and it was time to say goodbye.
At the end, the participants took a commemorative photo and it was over.
It was an hour full of the charm of Lombok.

The great thing about these online tours is that you can reunite with the guides you meet online when you actually visit the site. It would be very interesting to meet Hooky in the near future!
He was a wonderful person with a bright personality that I would really like to meet.

in conclusion

If you want to feel free to travel online on the weekends, be sure to check out this online tour page.
We hold “community support tours” where delicious food arrives from the local area, mainly in Japan, and you can visit sightseeing spots online while eating at home.

Check out other community support tours

If you get tired of your stay home, it’s not a bad idea to go on a trip online!

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