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Uma Musume Pretty Derby – Cygames

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Uma Musume Pretty Derby – Cygames

Uma Musume Pretty Derby – Cygames

There will definitely be a live concert (steel intention)

Uma Musume Pretty Derby was launched in February 2021 after a three-year postponement from the scheduled delivery date. In addition to PCs, you can play with the same data on smartphones and tablets.

Uma Musume” is a character who anthropomorphizes a real race ba into a girl. There are some original characters, but there are many famous characters such as Silence Suzuka and Kitasan Black.

In the breeding mode, train the selected horse girl and participate in the race. After the training is completed, Uma Musume who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame will be able to participate in the “Team Stadium” where she competes with other players. If you want to enjoy the story, clear the training, and if you want to be in the top of the ranking, play around with the goal of training horse girls with high abilities.

The appeal of this work is the fast-paced race video and high-quality live video. During the race, Uma Musume will be projected with various camera works. If the Uma Musume who is raising her fights for 1st and 2nd place, she may get sweaty. In the live performance that can be seen after the race, you can enjoy high singing ability and directing according to the song.

A profound story drawn with beautiful graphics

MMORPG “LOST ARK” from South Korea. This is a game that started service in 2020. Players create their own characters by choosing their favorite from 12 classes with different combat styles and abilities. Since the appearance can be changed for each facial part, it is possible to pursue the ideal design.

The created character can be trained by defeating enemies and gaining experience points when clearing quests. As the character grows up, the abilities that can be used will be released, so it is attractive to be able to expand the range of play styles as the game progresses. Also, when you defeat an enemy, you can rarely pick up powerful items. It’s perfect for those who want to collaborate with friends to get the items they want.

You can set up many objects such as trees and tents in your own field “Expedition Territory”. In addition to being useful for acquiring items, you can also take a two-shot shot by inviting your favorite NPC.

Various life elements such as collection, production and fishing are also incorporated in this work. If you are not satisfied with the battle alone, please play.

Oops, the story is after cleaning up the monsters

The royal road RPG “Granblue Fantasy” has exceeded 28 million users. It is a title that is showing excitement even outside the game, such as the real event “Grafes” being held and being made into a TV animation.

The hero who devotes himself to training every day with the feathered red lizard <Bee> in order to find his father who disappeared when he was young. One day, a roaring sound is heard on the island where they live, Sankt Insel. Looking up at the sky, there is a warship of the military nation <Elste Empire>. When I started running to see what was going on, a girl with blue hair suddenly appeared. She has her name <Luria>. When Luria, chased by her soldiers, asks for her help, the protagonist holds her sword with her.

This work has 6 attributes such as wind and fire. Deep battles such as changing the formation of characters and weapons according to the weakness attribute of the enemy and thinking about the timing to release the mystery are attractive.

Also, it is a point that an event focusing on characters other than the main character will be held. Our Ranger Sign, which cannot be seen without tears, and “My Beloved Auguste”, which is steered by laughter, are especially popular. If you want to play a high quality game with all the character designs, music, and stories, please check it out.

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