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World of Warcraft Nostalgia

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World of Warcraft Nostalgia

World of Warcraft Nostalgia

Author: NGA-ahszqiang

Don’t comment on the current game environment, because there are various reasons and helplessness, starting from Viper and Storm, stacking warlock has become the best choice for problems and problems. We did not have stacking warlock in Viper, and suffered a lot. When it came to SW, it was inevitable. I piled up 7 warlocks, did not open bloodthirsty, and entered P2 in 2 minutes and 58. All kinds of extreme operations passed the BOSS. These 7 warlocks called for foreign aid, and 3 large ones changed to small ones.

As a fixed team, what about FARM by the second week? Why let many friends give up their favorite occupations and let them change SS? Why call for foreign aid again? How is the right choice?

The memory of more than ten years ago has actually been blurred, but we clearly remember that we used to block the door and passed the Mulu. Looking at the old photos, it is probably inferred that it was 7 treatments and 4T, and the specific details have not been remembered. It will only be stronger now than it was back then. It doesn’t make sense that the tactics of the year will not work now.

In the second week, Mulu opened up the wasteland again. The door blocking strategy was over, and the details in the middle were not described much.

Directly to the conclusion, if there are more than 6 warlocks in the team, it is recommended to follow the current mainstream humanoid monster and little fat man to play AOE together. If your team can’t achieve such a limit, or the configuration can not reach, then you can consider blocking door tactics.

At the door, 1 bear + 2 furious battle + enhancement + punishment. Arrange a treatment plus T, another treatment plus team and + pull fat T.

Channel location, anti-riding +3 hunter + element Sa. The large group is in the channel position, so we directly pull it to the large group, and the 3 healers in charge of the large group will add T. If the SM is arranged to join the group, the SM can directly zip the T.

The requirement for blocking the door is that 1T4DPS can cause more than 6000 damage per second, and kill 3 humanoids within 1 minute. This requirement is very easy for the current DPS. There will be a video later. In the video, our channel position will end in 40 seconds at the fastest, and the hunter can also draw the BOSS body for 20 seconds.

In the middle group, we are 3 mages, 4 warlocks, 1 dark animal husbandry, anti-riding and pull the big fat man (if there is a warrior T here, the pressure will be less), the middle 8 long-range DPS only needs to be responsible for killing the big fat man and the little fat man, and then the boss body can be drawn, 8 long-range There are 3 warlocks and 2 warlocks in it, and there is no pressure at all. In the middle T, depending on the situation, you can pull the big fat man to the vicinity of the BOSS body to kill, which is convenient to suppress the blood volume of the BOSS body.

The advantage of the door blocking strategy is to simplify the content of each occupation, the boss pressure will be distributed to each occupation, so everyone will be more comfortable, the treatment pressure will be reduced, and our 6 treatment is also very easy, as long as we can handle it well, no matter playing 358, There is no pressure on 458 and 558, just look at the processing of the intermediate DPS and arrange it into the P2 time.

There is basically no accident. After we practice blocking the door a few times, we basically enter P2 steadily. The difference is a matter of time.

The door blocking group does not need a mage to counter it, steal it at will, and the T does not need to run around. The dps only needs to deal with the mage monster first, and the OT will not die. After the mage monster is dealt with, deal with the warrior monster. More control and more interruptions will reduce the pressure on T. There is no need to move for treatment. Anyway, we feel that the strategy of blocking the door is simple and everyone has a clear arrangement. All have their own room to play.

Whether it’s AOE tactics or door blocking tactics, arranging 2 mages to wash out the biting, the little fat man will basically not move, the little fat man will not enter the crowd, and the pressure of large group treatment will not be great.

As long as the door blocking tactics are formed, any substitution will not affect the tactics.

PS: The first wave of humanoid monsters is still pulled to the middle A and dropped. No matter how many waves of human nature later, just block it.

Finally, I would like to share some WCL data that we brought 3 Warlocks to use AOE tactics, which really pushed many of us to the limit, and at the same time, many people were completely unable to play.

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